Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another Step towards Surgery

On Monday 28th Feb I popped into the local medical centre to have my weekly blood test before work. While I was there I checked in with the nurses to see how they were getting on with ordering in the immunisations I needed.

They still had one or two they were waiting on. Not knowing how I would respond to the immunisations I had hoped to get them out of the way early in the week so I could spend my days off work dealing with any side effects, but that wasn't to be.

On Tuesday I called the hospital to get my blood results. Wait for it....


My platelets had continued to rise and I was sitting on 151!

So while I've struggled with the nasty side effects of the Prednisode it hasn't been for nothing. The drug was working it's magic. I was back in the "normal zone."

On Wednesday, 2nd March, I checked in with the nurses at the medical centre again. They had managed to get four of the five immunisations we needed. The fifth, Meningoccal B, could not be sourced - apparently they aren't manufacturing it at present.

It was decided that I'd go in the next day.

However when I got there on Thursday they took my temp and discovered it was raised (37.6), and so the doctor had to be called in to check me over. Eventually it was decided I was fine and could go ahead and have the jabs. Crisis averted!

I really had been dreading getting them done. I hadn't had an immunisation since the rubella jab when I was 12yrs old! In the end only one of them was really uncomfortable ... though I couldn't tell you which was the ouchy one.

I was patched up with four Barbie bandaids, two on each arm. My girls were very impressed when I came home sporting these brightly coloured momentos of my bravery.

I haven't had any adverse reaction to the immunisations. The ache in my neck and shoulder did increase and I had a bit of stiffness too, but nothing that a good dose of painkiller couldn't deal with.

So, I have been immunised. It's done. I've taken another step towards surgery.

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  1. You brave girl!! I put off my tetanus booster for nearly three years, I was so chicken. And then when I did get it, I never felt a thing. I think they've somehow managed to take the sting out of injections -well almost anyway.